Dame Shirley Bassey to sing next Bond theme?

Thanks to Stuart who wrote to us about a new campaign that has been created on Facebook “With Goldfinger (1964), Diamonds Are Forever (1971) and Moonraker (1979), its time for another Miss Bassey Bond theme. After all, nobody does it better….”

Here is Bassey’s version of You Only Live Twice to reinforce that point


Adele is tipped for the next movie Skyfall, and the attraction is clear to see on her impeccable Live At The Royal Albert Hall DVD. If only we had the whole of Bassey’s pinnacle televised concert there on DVD!!

Or an even better idea, Dame Shirley could perform one of Adele’s hit songs as part of her Diamond Jubilee World Tour 2013, like Celine Dion did this week in Las Vegas!

6 thoughts on “Dame Shirley Bassey to sing next Bond theme?”

  1. Man…. please don’t play with my head and heart like this.:) A 2013 world tour????? Is this just hopeful or is factual or actual? If it is factual, I HAVE TO BE THERE, God willing. I had better start building my blood up. I almost fainted hearing two amazing songs LIVE last year at the RAH. Julie, you will surely have to watch out at an entire concert,as I am destined to hit the ground with a faint! If so, just kick me, so I wake up fast, as I would not want to miss one golden diamond like note!!!!!!!


  2. Just like opening the Diamond Jubilee concert with “Get This Party Started”…..Never happened…A tour in 2013? Not going to happen……James Bond Theme 4…..not going to happen,….and the 2012 CD set from EMI is that going to happen? What is the point in spreading false stories. Please can someone tell the truth on the EMI CD release…..it seems a choosen few have been informed?


  3. “ALMIGHTY JEHOVAH GOD OF HEAVEN IN THE NAME OF THE LORD CHRIST JESUS MAKE THIS HAPPEN!!!!” Come on Dame Shirley show them how a REAL singing Star does it! After seeing you on 10 different occassions around New York and Westbury I’m already there for your triumphant return! … oh and Dean, with much love: “you hush up and start praying with the rest of us around the world- please”. (LOL)


  4. She would hopefully include a couple of adeles songs as you can clearly here how a little added drama from shirl would make them magnificent the cover of the cures love song. Is one to start with Den


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