Greek CD

As I Love You – Greek CD

As there is nothing new happening regarding DSB I thought I would post about some of the more unusual CDs that have been released.

Many of you will be aware that I collect Shirley CDs from all over the world and I’m always delighted when I find one which I do not have.  I was particularly happy when I saw one on eBay which I’d never seen before a couple of weeks ago.  Although the date given for release on the back is 2010 the description on eBay said that the CD is no longer available as the company had closed.  Initially the high starting price for bids made me think to not bother about it but once seen I couldn’t forget it.  I decided I had to bid and won the auction.  I was the only bidder as I think the price would have put people off but collecting Bassey CDs is my passion I went for it.  Friends and family think I’m totally crazy but I’ve been a fan since 1960 and I’m not going to stop now.

The CD in question is a Greek release called ‘As I Love You’ on the Music Box label.  It’s a 2CD set and is one from ‘The Great Singers’ series.  As you can imagine all the tracks are from the Philip’s catalogue.  CD1 contains 18 tracks and CD2 contains the ‘Cafe de Paris’ EP and the ‘Born Tos Sing The Blues’ album which is a total of 13 tracks.  It is a digipak sleeve and at the moment is still sealed.  I like the way they have made the sleeve look ‘aged’ and I’m very pleased with my purchase.  I have no idea as to the quality as I’ve resisted the temptation to open the CD at present.  I know all the tracks and they are very unlikely to be alternative recordings.

Track Listing

At this time I have no confirmed information of the EMI ‘Shirley’ CD set that should have been released but I have heard that EMI are considering issuing it as a 2 CD set and not including the ‘live’ album as Capitol are still holding out on that.  If that is right I hope it will appear soon!

[REMIX] Shirley Bassey – Where Do I Begin (C-Rem The Producer Remix)

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Dame Shirley at White Tie & Tiara Ball

Dame Shirley

On June 28th Dame Shirley attended the White Tie & Tiara Ball which was held in the grounds of Sir Elton Jone’s home in Windsor.  It is an annual charity event held to raise funds for the Elton John Aids Foundation which she usually attends.  This was the 14th time it has been held.  She looked as stunning as ever.