Duets # 31

Now the last duet from the 1988 French TV-show ‘Le grand echiquier’. The duet Dame Shirley Bassey did with Henri Salvador ‘Makin’ whoopee’. The duet was not recorded on the show itself but shown in the studio and apparently recorded for another tv-programme. Dame Shirley later recorded this song on her album ‘Shirley Bassey sings the movies‘.

Sleeve note of the CD by Shirley Bassey:

One of the things I adore in life is going to the movies. The glitz and glamour of the cinema world is larger than life, and everybody can be a part of it. Movies allow you to lose yourself completely in a two hour excursion to a world of fantasy. It enables you to be a fly on the wall in a life that could be very far from your own. Even after the projector stops, you are left enchanted. The idea of making this album has appealed for me to quite some time, and I am excited about seeing it materialise. These tracks are a selection of my favourite compositions from well known movies and many of them hold special memories for me in their own right. I have always cherished CRAZY and MAKIN’ WHOOPEE, and of course, GOLDFINGER just had to be on this album!

I hope these songs bring a bit of the glitz and glamour to you.

Shirley Bassey

Makin’ Whoopee
Written by Walter Donaldson / Gus Kahn.

Released on the 1995 album Shirley Bassey Sings The Movies. Previously sung by Frank Sinatra and also by Ray Charles and many other artists. From the movie “Sleepless in Seattle”


With very special thanks to Jill

One thought on “Duets # 31”

  1. I appreciate Dame Shirley’s comments from the sleeve note of the CD. That’s my thing. Going to the movies. I’m a movie buff. I remember this video on YouTube very fondly. What talent! What fun! Sheer delight! Thanks.


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