DSB at the Monte Carlo Sporting Club # 1

After the disappointment of the CD ‘Shirley’ not being released (yet) I hope you enjoy this new video from Dame Shirley from 1970 at the Monte Carlo Sporting Club where she wears the famous catsuit.
As you will see in the video the Monte Carlo audience is a bit peculiar and if you click the player below you can listen to an interview from 1984 where Shirley speaks about this.

For the video click left

Dame Shirley wearing the cat suit for her 60th. birthday concert in 1997

10 thoughts on “DSB at the Monte Carlo Sporting Club # 1”

  1. You have to laugh at some of those women in the audience – so filled with their own self importance! If they had any class whatsoever they would have applauded even if they didn’t like it. Proves that no amount of money buys class. Still, DSB had the last laugh when she moved into the neighbourhood lol! Loved hearing her sing I’ll Never Fall In Love Again.


  2. Wonderful and thank you. Does anyone else think the blue beads were added to this catsuit for her 60th birthday concert, also will Dame Shirley be celebrating the 60 year anniversary from the 1st Jan 2013 or from her first signed contract date? (Dec)


  3. Another fantastic clip Pieter, thank you. Yes the audience to quote Noel Coward behaved “like stuffed cods heads”! No wonder Shirley found it demoralising especially when she so gives it her all! Wonderful classic footage and yes I was there at the dress auction and remember this outfit. Annie 🙂


  4. i really can not believe it. I was looking for a 1970 show and there I have it, Thank you so much Pieter, As always our lady performing so well.
    I would like to watch more concerts from 69/70/71. A great epoque for Shirley.


  5. her performance changes over the years but the magic is ever present. Those days lighting was minimal and sound mixing was not advanced like today but her talent and artistry at still only 33 is world class. Lucky audiences able to see her so close before the fashion for arenas started.


  6. Thank you so much for this lovely clip…..I can’t begin to think what Shirley thought of those ignorant, Ladies ? in the audience! Today we say they are ( up themselves ) I bet as time went by that the ladies were only too pleased to tell people that they saw Shirley in the 70s.


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