DSB at the Monte Carlo Sporting Club # 2

Today the second show that Dame Shirley Bassey did at the famous Monte Carlo Sporting Club in 1970. She is being introduced by Brazilian singer Eliana Pittman (Special thanks to Eddie for this information). You can find videos of Eliana Pittman in YouTube.

For the second show at the Monte Carlo Sporting Club Dame Shirley sings the same songs: ‘On a wonderful day like today’, I’ll never fall in love again’ and ‘This is my life’ plus an additional song as an encore: one of her Italian songs ‘Chi si vuol bene come noi’.

I will show that one in the next blog because the file was too big to upload as one video. The quality of the video was not very good so we had to improve the video and the audio and that is why the files got bigger then usual.

A postcard from Monte Carlo

From the biography ‘Shirley an appreciation of the life of Shirley Bassey’
The Monte Carlo Sporting club

For the video click left

8 thoughts on “DSB at the Monte Carlo Sporting Club # 2”

  1. Another wonderful video of rare footage – thanks again Pieter.
    Shirley was in great form and even the audience seemed more enthused this time!


  2. How fantastic!!!! What an exciting post! Loved all of the pictures and the excerpt from the book, and of course the video. I am so glad to be able to experience Dame Shirley’s beautiful talent in this way. I really love her voice as it is today, mature, mellow, strong and sure. I love her voice from back then too. What power and charisma, SHEER TALENT. Thank you for this Pieter.


  3. goes to show what a trouper Shirley is rather than the modern day divas with their demands. I hope Shirley is recognised for her DIAMOND JUBILEE. I THINK WE ALL SHOULD START WRITING LETTERS TO THE TV COMPANIES, THE PRESS AND THE PRIME MINISTER


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