DSB on the 1980 Muppet show

Since there is no request for today’s Astrid’s Simply Bassey I am playing a request on the Video Showcase for Dame Shirley fan Jill from Canada. She wants to see Dame Shirley on The Muppet Show with Fozzie singing ‘Pennies from heaven’.

Jill sent us these three beautiful pictures for the blog. So dear Jill thank you so much and this one’s for you! I hope you enjoy it and a wonderful weekend to all.

DSB and Noel Harrison on the 1968 Shirley Bassey Show
Dame Shirley recording the video for ‘There’s no place like London’ in 1982
Dame Shirley in 2007 at the Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Club in London for the Hope Foundation

For the video click left



A long time ago
A million years BC
The best things in life
Were absolutely free.
But no one appreciated
A sky that was always blue.
And no one congratulated
A moon that was always new.
So it was planned that they would vanish now and them
And you must pay before you get them back again.
That’s what storms were made for
And you shouldn’t be afraid for
Every time it rains it rains
Pennies from heaven.
Don’t you know each cloud contains
Pennies from heaven.
You’ll find yor fortune falling
All over town.
Be sure that your umbrella is upside down.
Trade them for a package of sunshine and flowers.
If you want the things you love
You must have showers.
So when you hear it thunder
Don’t run under a tree.
There’ll be pennies from heaven for you and me.

3 thoughts on “DSB on the 1980 Muppet show”

  1. These are great articles. It makes me really admire Dame Shirley even more. She has had to contend with so much. And she has survived it all with such grace.


  2. Hi Jill
    Just found this In my DSB Folder From The ARCHIVES This is before i ever new about the BASSEY BLOG & i wrote my letter & Sent my photos,to PIETER, just had to make a comment, , This is a YEAR before i ever new the Bassey Blog was ever around,[2012,] i Never discovered THE BLOG Till [2013,] I Thank you AGAIN, for Requesting this 1980 Muppet show With D,S B & Fozzy ,
    Shirley,s RENDITION of PENNIES FROM HEAVEN, iv,e just been to HEAVEN WATCHING this VIDEO,
    I think SHIRLEY LYING DOWN ON THE GOLD BARS in that RED DRESS Singing GOLDFINGER, tends to stay in the forefront of the mind , So We Tend to forget how FANTASTIC the follow up Number with FOZZY BEAR is,.
    ALSO THE GREAT PHOTOS which you also included,& The FRIENDSHIP , We have Developed Because of our Love AND
    I Thank , PIETER, ,BASSEY BLOG, But most of all YOU,, Canada, & Jersey in the Channel islands , are not that far apart, ANYMORE.



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