The 1968 Shirley Bassey show # 2



Today part 2 of the 1968 USA Shirley Bassey show where she sings ‘Call me’. At the time the Americans tried to launch Shirley Bassey as the British answer to Eartha kitt.
Next week it will be four years ago that Eartha Kitt past away. At the bottom of this page once more 2 pictures from Jill’s wonderful collection.

PDVD_1981For the video click left 

1957 A

Released 1968 on the album 12 Of Those Songs. Available on CD on the collection Original Gold.

Tony Hatch
The composer of this song, Tony Hatch, successfully produced and wrote for many pop and rock bands in the 1960’s, for example the Searchers, Petula Clark, Jackie Trent and the early David Bowie. Hatch’s productions are known for a clean and well-arranged sound; they often displayed some traces of mainstream pop and Broadway.

Tony Hatch also wrote under the pseudonym “Fred Nightingale”. This song “Call Me” was originally written 1965 by him for Petula Clark, and had been released on her album “I Know a Place”. (Don’t confuse Hatch’s song with other songs with the same title.) He also wrote a couple of musicals together with Jackie Trent, wrote TV music, and released some instrumental recordings with his orchestra under his own name. He has also written many famous TV theme tunes.

On his official website he describes Shirley Bassey as “A great voice, a great friend!”

If you’re feeling sad and lonely
There’s a service I can render
Tell the one who loves you only
I can be so warm and tender

Call me
Don’t be afraid, you can call me
Maybe it’s late, but just call me
Tell me, and I’ll be around

When it seems your friends desert you
There’s somebody thinking of you
I’m the one who’ll never hurt you
Maybe that’s because I love you

Call me
Don’t be afraid, you can call me
Maybe it’s late, but just call me
Tell me, and I’ll be around

Now don’t forget me
‘Cause if you let me
I will always stay by you
You’ve got to trust me
That’s how it must be
There’s so much that I can do

If you call I’ll be right with you
You and I should be together
Take this love I long to give you
I’ll be at your side forever

Call me
Don’t be afraid, you can call me
Maybe it’s late, but just call me

1957 Y NMEBassey18thJan eartha kitt

1970 X Eartha Kitt


2002 Belfast Water Front Hall # 1

2002 Belfast Water Front Hall
2002 Belfast Water Front Hall

6 thoughts on “The 1968 Shirley Bassey show # 2”

  1. It is so interesting to see and hear these clips. THANK YOU so much for the continuation of this blog and to all the contributors. I Hope with Shirley appearing in GERMANY next month that she will at least make some TV appearances in the UK to justly celebrate her 60 years as a professional singer, that fact alone is remarkable


  2. I didn’t think it was possible to improve on her reading of this song but this is even better than the studio recording – FAB-U-LOUS! Thanks for all these amazing postings. There is such a treasure trove of Bassey magic.


  3. Wonderful, sensational, sexy, Dame Shirley don’t worry. I call you everyday. Day after day I get surprised about those presentations A Christmas gift


  4. How times have changed, the press could not say this in the last 40 years as in the article in 1957,
    Britain is Airfreighting to Australia it’s hottest Show Buisness export The Coffee Coloured singer Shirley Bassey. Thank god those days are over.

    Merry Christmas to the Dame and all at the Bassey Blog


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