[REMIX] Shirley Bassey – Diamonds Are Forever (Monofreak Remix)

[REMIX] Shirley Bassey – After The Rain (Can’t Take Any More) (Sleate Seventy Two Ambient Mix)

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[REMIX] Gold (Hitdrums Hip Hop Instrumental featuring Shirley Bassey vocals)

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All The Best …. 3 CD releases in Europe.

It hasn’t been a particularly good year for Dame Shirley CDs.  There have only been a few and they have not been particularly brilliant.  The one fans particularly wanted was cancelled due to Capitol Records in the US but there is no point in going over that.  I haven’t forgiven them though!  Although there is nothing new released here in the UK there have been three releases in Europe in the last two weeks.  Now that I have copies of these CDs I’m able to tell you about them.  They are all easily available from European CD sites.

First of all is a 2 CD set from Germany called ‘All The Best’.


This has been released by EMI Germany and contains 40 tracks from the Columbia and United Artists labels.  Although there is nothing new to CD it does contain some tracks very rarely seen on CD compilations.  Tracks include ‘Fa,Fa,Fa’, ‘Razzle Dazzle’, ‘Don’t Take The Lovers From The World’ and ‘Tomorrow Morning’.  Obviously the big hits are also included … ‘Goldfinger’, ‘Something’, ‘As Long As He Needs Me’.  It’s a very nicely presented set and the quality is excellent.  A booklet is included with a couple of photos, track listing and a short biography in both German and English.  Amazon Germany has this CD available as well as other sites.  The tracks are:

Disc One:

01 – Diamonds are forever
02 – As long as he needs me
03 – What now my love
04 – Something
05 – Reach for the stars
06 – I’ll get by (As long as I have you)
07 – Spinning wheel
08 – The bus that never comes
09 – This is my life
10 – Gone
11 – Light my fire
12 – Razzle dazzle
13 – I (Who have nothing)
14 – Never, never, never
15 – Don’t take the lovers from the world
16 – Shirley
17 – Does anybody miss me
18 – Tomorrow morning
19 – (Where do I begin) Love story
20 – Fa fa fa (live for today)
Disc Two:

01 – Goldfinger
02 – You’ll never know
03 – Tonight
04 – Big Spender
05 – The liquidator
06 – It’s yourself
07 – The fool on the hill
08 – Vehicle
09 – The sea and the sand
10 – For the love of him
11 – Can’t take my eyes off you
12 – Natali
13 – Seesaw of dreams
14 – Make the world a little younger
15 – Day by day
16 – What about today
17 – For all we know
18 – Yesterday when I was young
19 – You take my heart away
20 – You and I

The second release is called ‘Alle 40 Goed’ from EMI Benelux.  It’s exactly the same 2 CD set as the above release but different tile and different artwork for the sleeve.  The songs are also in the same order.  The booklet inside just has the track listing and shows other CD sets in the same series.  Once again easily available from European sites including Amazon Germany.  Below is a scan of the sleeve.  I rather like the look of this one.


The third is a 3 CD box set called ‘The Long Play Collection’.  A Dutch release on the Goldies label it contains 4 original albums plus bonus singles.  The albums are ‘The Bewitching Miss Bassey’, ‘The Fabulous Shirley Bassey’, ‘Shirley’ and ‘Shirley Bassey’.  There are 12 bonus tracks included and all the tracks are out of copyright.  I have no idea as to the quality of this set as I haven’t played it.  It does state ‘digitally remastered’.  The CDs are housed in separate jewel cases and inside a card slip case.  There are no sleeve notes included and all the photos on the sleeve inserts are the same as the outer card sleeve.  It’s a budget release.  It is also due to be released in the UK on 7th January 2013 according to Amazon UK.  Easily available now from Europe.


Tracks are as follows:

Disc One:

Shirley Bassey
01 – Love is a many splendored thing
02 – The nearness of you
03 – Fools rush in
04 – Who are we
05 – Angel eyes
06 – Till
07 – A lovely way to spend a evening
08 – This love of mine
09 – You’re nearer
10 – Goodbye lover, hello friend
11 – Where or when
12 – Where are you
13 – Climb ev’ry mountain
14 – In the still of the night
15 – Let there be love
16 – All at once
17 – For every man there’s a woman
18 – I’m in the mood for love
19 – So in love

Disc Two:

01 – If I were a bell
02 – There wil never be another you
03 – Hooray for love
04 – Too late now
05 – I’m shooting high
06 – Ev’ry time we say goodbye
The Fabulous Shirley Bassey
07 – A foggy day in London town
08 – I’ve got you under my skin
09 – Cry me a river
10 – April in Paris
11 – I’ve never been in love before
12 – The man that got away
13 – s Wonderful
14 – I’ll remember April
15 – Easy to love
16 – No one ever tells you
17 – They can’t take that away from me
18 – The party’s over
Bonus tracks
19 – Can’t help lovin’ dat man
20 – Bill

Disc Three:

The bewitching Miss Bassey
01 – Burn my candle (at both ends)
02 – Night and day
03 – Crazy rhythm
04 – The wall
05 – The banana boat song
06 – The gypsy in my soul
07 – Love for sale
08 – From this moment on
09 – Kiss me, honey honey, kiss me
10 – You, you Romeo
11 – My funny valentine
12 – How about you
13 – Fire down below
14 – As I love you
Bonus tracks
15 – There’s never been a night
16 – Hands across the sea
17 – If you love me (really love me)
18 – Count on me
19 – With these hands
20 – As long as he needs me
21 – You’ll never know
22 – Hold me tight
23 – I’ll get by (as long as I have you)
24 – Reach for the stars

I’m keeping my fingers crossed that next year we may get something special released.  It would be great if we got a newly recorded album.  I can dream!