The 1968 Shirley Bassey Show # 4

Today part 4 of the 1968 USA Shirley Bassey Show. Songs: Big Spender & This Is My Life. Below you can find the sheet music for Big Spender and if you click the player you can listen to a karaoke version. (Special thanks to Andre)

PDVD_2012For the video click left 





Big Spender karaoke version

This Is My Life: Not many artists have covered Shirley Bassey songs and many of you may not know that This Is My Life was covered by Sammy Davis Jr. If you click the player below you can listen to his version of the song. Also a page from the biography ‘Miss Shirley Bassey’ about Sammy Davis Jr.

This Is My Life by Sammy Davis Jr.


And last by no means least some more pictures from Jill’s collection that we hope you all enjoy!

2007 70th. birthday party
2007 70th. birthday party
2008 Monaco Ball  in March
2008 Monaco Ball in March
2011 National Movie Awards
2011 National Movie Awards

One thought on “The 1968 Shirley Bassey Show # 4”

  1. The Sammy Davis Jr. song “The Candy Man” was one of the very first of 2 records my Father actually bought for me back in the early 1970s. It was a very big hit for Sammy too. So I’ve always admired him in song and film over the years. But to cover this Bassey classic with the grand passion he delivers was quite impressive- I never knew he had. Now I’ll be adding it to my collection. Thanks blog for the treat.


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