German newspaper from today!


She is a Super Star, a power lady. Sunday night  Shirley Bassey (76 “Goldfinger”) arrived in Hamburg. Yesterday she also went through rehearsals with the Hamburger Symphonikern in the Laeszhalle. The diva was picked up at 3 p.m. by Limousine from the Nobelhotel ‘Vier Jahreszeiten’ (she has a suite on the 5th floor). At 3.30 rehearsals started and took one and a half hour. Bassey said: ‘When I have to rehearse I don’t have much time to view much of the city but I will definitely go shopping at ‘Am neuen Wall’.


14 thoughts on “German newspaper from today!”

  1. Thanks for the pic. of DSB. Looking Wealthy & that ever Smile reminds me of BigMa’. Irecv Two Full sizeSCREEN pic. of DSB rehersal. (Hamburgh Germany)You could see that Huge Orchesterr she at the Microphone and another full screen of her holding a Trophy, Probably one they gave her. THEY Adore her Talent all over this World. For some reason, AMERICA has ignored her for YEARS, in spite of her Many FANS Begging for her to Appear in USA.



    1. Mattie, DSB is live tomorrow Friday in an interview from the Cafe de Paris in Monaco. The t.v show is from Michigan, I received details about it yesterday. love Julie


    1. Please,for all of us, that are not so lucky like you being there, please post some pictures or comments. Will be appreacieted !


  2. It must bring back fond memories for her this is the way she should be treated at all times *Michael enjoy it for what it is the only songstress in the world next to DSB there all amateurs you will feel the blood pumping through your veins and when she delivers one of her power note fatalities your head will explode lol well not exactly but near enough god bless you for having the time and the money.*

    Oh well I will be there in spirit.

    P.s Let us know how it goes and what she sings.

    Much Love


  3. I hope you enjoy the experience Michael. I remember feeling like you for the first time in 1971. And I still feel like it every time I see her. It will give you goosebumps and palpatations!! You feel like you are going to pass out when the orchestra strikes up, awaiting the entrance of the Dame…. Take the smelling salts.

    Enjoy the experience it is amazing…xx


  4. Definetly if anyone can post pictures on line, or concert footage, that would be great. Maybe it’ll be on dvd. Hopefully this will be the beginning of some sort of a mini- tour atleast of some world cities. She’s been out of world touring for quite some time now. The first time I saw her live was 1980, and the last 1997. Had the honor of meeting her briefly once, getting an autograph and kiss outside of Carnegie Hall late in 1985, it hangs on my livingroom wall. She’s an actual sensation, and the ultimate best overall female singer. How America has never really adopted her is quite strange and awful. Have a great time at the concert.


  5. SHIRLEY IS BACK to a wonderful reception in a the lovely setting in HAMBURG,. see you tube. If she sounds this good recorded on a camera/cam corder what must it have sounded like. This clearly was no token appearance, with Stuart Barr conducting and and singing 5 songs!, she had brought a brass section from London to augment the symphony orchestra. No backing tapes for the Dame and she promised to return. I think other appearances may be `on the cards` as sh is clearly well. fit and simply wonderful at 76.


  6. Again, much appreciation from myself and all DBS fans in New Zealand.
    To those who have posted the photos and videos on YouTube – just brilliant…. thank you so much… amazing seeing Dame Shirley in a live situation and the excitment it generates and that’s just me watching on line…
    It would be wonderful if there was a celebratory concert in London this year… I would be there instantly….
    All best wishes to the Blog team and my love & admiration to Dame Shirley.
    Steven Ray


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