The best of Shirley Bassey at the BBC # 1

1958 WAfter Dame Shirley’s sensational performance last week in Hamburg we now start with the first part of ‘The Best of Shirley Bassey’ which was broadcast on Friday the 11th. of January on BBC 4 while I was on holiday. So for everybody who missed it or has not been able to watch, I hope you enjoy this wonderful program from the BBC although unfortunately the BBC did not get all the facts right. In this first part you can watch Breakfast In Bed which WAS on TV!
Songs: A Lot Of Living To Do, As I Love You, Breakfast In Bed & Smoke Gets In Your Eyes. Also we have some newspaper clips from 1957 and 1958 the time As I Love was a hit.
(From the George Webb collection)

PDVD_2149For the first part of the video click left




1957 AJ NMEBassey25thJan

1959 AW NMEBassey23rdJan2

1959 BH NMEBassey27thFeb

1959 BS NMEBassey30thJan5

1958 O NMEBassey19thDec2







3 thoughts on “The best of Shirley Bassey at the BBC # 1”

  1. This was a good compilation of Shirley at the BBC and great that you have shown this for the overseas fans who were unable to see it.
    Thanks Pieter.


    1. I agree with Terry. Thank you Pieter for all of the Dame Shirley Bassey that you have shared with all of us. I wish I lived in a place where Dame Shirley is on TV or the radio frequently. All of you who live in that type of place are fortunate. Thanks again for sharing this fantastic show, I have never see this entire Morcambe and Wise show. I have only see the shoe portion of it. This is really funny. Dame Shirley was super to have done it without laughing. And the first two songs from 1966 were great to see with such fantastic clarity. I of course had seen them on You tube(I watch them over and over), but never with out the time counter on the bottom. So it was refreshing to see the whole screen. I can’t wait for the rest of the show. thanks again and again…..


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