[REMIX] Shirley Bassey – If You Go Away (Rebeat Original Mix)

8 thoughts on “[REMIX] Shirley Bassey – If You Go Away (Rebeat Original Mix)”

  1. another example of remixing for the sake of it. What I do like is digital remastering which improves on the clarity of the original recording. One track that I do like is ` I WILL SURVIVE` from `GET THE PARTY STARTED` which is a remix but I have never hears of the original, was it never released. Rather than remixes I would have preferred new studio recordings of `HERES TO LIFE` ,edited out of `ANOTHER AUDIENCE WITH` (Shirley included it on the 2006 tour),`YOU NEEDED ME ` & `MUSIC` plus `EVERYBODY LOVES ME` sung at the Royal Albert Hall one year as an encore.


  2. For the most part, my feelings would be with Mayor or Terence, seems like somebody would have nothing better to do than tarnish a great Dame Bassey song. But this time, this remix struck a positive nerve in me. This one put me in the mood of a somewhat cloudy and chilly/ gloomy day, which can even have it’s momentary positives too. I liked it.


  3. ReBeat- If You Go Away- feat. Shirley Bassey- totally mesmorising- you ought to be her producers for some new material- because what you do with this song from her older back catalogue is surely more than enough to get her into the studio- if only to listen- !! then we could all “go away” with the more magic of The Bassey… thank you- I just can’t stop listening to this…… Mikey Mike


  4. Very clever background sounds, especially during the opening bars– the clanking of a mother in a kitchen, a chink of a child’s voice sounding unhappy- is this reflecting us to the sadness of someone leaving like Shirley experienced when her father left?- you can imagine….its almost like listening to film…the song title and the lyrics reflects this emotion perfectly- so clever……………no wonder she sings this song with such utter conviction.
    I’d like to ask if Shirley even knows and appreciates just how utterly brilliant she is….

    Mikey Mike


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