From the archive # 3 -1957-

1957 N NMEBassey8thNov


3 thoughts on “From the archive # 3 -1957-”

  1. Another Great Artist,,MISS DOROTHY SQUIRES Sadly missed From the 1940,s 50s 60s,& her great COMEBACK at THE LONDON PALADIUM in the 1970s Also hitting the charts with such great songs ,MY WAY,TILL,,FOR ONCE IN MY LIFE,,& live L.Ps that Followed With cracks about getting BASSEY,S Old Frocks out of the dustbin, UNFORGETABLE, LOVED HER, In HER DAY she was Great. Thanks again Pieter For this Great Piece of Info i never new DOT had stood in for SHIRLEY when she was ill all those years ago, That was When i Bought my First SHIRLEY SINGLE ,FIRE DOWN BELOW, I Was 17 in 1957.THE B SIDE was YOU YOU ROMEO.



  2. Poor Shirley worked so hard by her management. Interesting to hear about Dorothy Squires who is sometimes compared to Shirley. I have heard many times that they knew each other. I was lucky to see Dorothy many times `live` between 1973 and 1990. There was a memorable weekend when Shirley was at the Royal Albert Hall for 3/4 nights and Dorothy was at Wimbledon Theatre so was able to see both of these very special artists in two days.


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