[REMIX] Shirley Bassey and Chris Rea – Disco La Passioné (Direct Hit Remix)

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Mike Douglas Show # 4






On this part of the Mike Douglas Show a very interesting interview with feminist Robin Morgan. Shirley is also participating in the discussion and is expressing an interesting point of view on the matter. It is strange to witness that the Americans have no problem showing a pregnant, smoking woman of television but at the same time are having a problem with Shirley’s revealing dresses. Below an article from a Belgium newspaper from 2 years earlier about the matter.

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From a Belgium newspaper
From a Belgium newspaper

(Translation of the article above)

Shirley Bassey asked a million TV viewers in London if they thought her dress was too sexy for television and they replied NO! (Especially the males in the audience). The dress was banned from American television because it was too sexy. That is why Shirley didn’t inform anybody in advance that she was going to wear this dress because she feared it might be banned there too. She did a performance in the London Palladium for television. During the rehearsals she wore a different dress and kept the surprise for the premiere. Maybe I was being naughty, says Shirley, but the audience just loved it. The dress was meant to wear on the Andy Williams and the Dean Martin Show but that didn’t happen and Shirley backed out of those shows. In Britain there were no objections.

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