From the archive # 9 -1963-

1963 I (blog)


4 thoughts on “From the archive # 9 -1963-”

  1. Hi Pieter, This is the Gown i saw Dame ShirleyWearing in concert in BIRMINGHAM in 1963 It was a lovely YELLOW Gown & it was the Night i Gave Shirley The Cuddley PANDA For her Forth coming Daughter Samantha Who she sadly Lost in 1985 & it was in the PHOTOGRAPH i sent you on the 2nd of FEB & which you Kindly put on the BASSEY BLOG on the 7th of MARCH,Which JOHN Kindly , Commented On as he Was at the Same Concert in 1963 & Said How DAME SHIRLEY Commented the Stage Being DIRTY had Marked the Hem on the GOWN THIS WAS THAT GOWN,, But She Made Light of it By JOKING She had just had it DRYCLEANED .Only A PRO,WOULD HANDLE IT LIKE THAT.Even at only 26 ,What a STAR.
    Hello CLAUDIA,,Did you Manage to see the Photos ? This Is the DRESS I saw Shirley in THAT night,If you Give Pieter Permission to give me your email address ,i could send you the photos.


    1. Hello Dennis, thank you…no I ddn’t see the pictures and I looked last night. Yes, you may send them to me by email my friend. My address is Thank you my fellow January 7th friend. I look forward to seeing the pictures very much. God Bless…tell Pieter, thank you.


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