From the archive # 11 -1965-

1965 H

Shirley Sings

Shirley Bassey


6 thoughts on “From the archive # 11 -1965-”

  1. Just Come Through ,Can,t believe i Bought this L.P 48 years ago when Shirley said { the man I am going to Marry is in the Audience This Evening, He Also happens to be my EX Husband he was the Late Kenneth Hume She sang the SECOND TIME AROUND,,But it never Happened,


    1. Well, he had his problem that would not have made a very happy marriage for Shirley who is a romantic I believe. Sad, how he ended up killing himself, or accidentally overdosing I believe. Thank you Pieter. Dennis, did you ever see any of her two husbands at the concerts you attended?


  2. I saw Sergio at a concert in 1980, Shirley sang Solitaire and other numbers from the new cd of the time. Sergio was at the back of the theatre listening to the sound before Shirley came on later !
    They had been separated for a while but he was still touring with her then.
    ( Coventry Theatre…..Lilac gown )

    Once again, her voice was incredible !


    1. Thank you John. That must have been a great experience. Did they officially divorce in 1977? So they were separated before the divorce? I think not having had a relationship with her biological Father affected her choice in men and relationships.


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