Canción ’71 -Yesterday I heard the rain-






A 1971 clip from Spanish TV from a program called Canción ’71 Shirley Bassey performs Yesterday I Heard The Rain written by Armando Manzanero. A fabulous song from the ‘Something’ album.

PDVD_2548PDVD_2549For the video click left or right





7 thoughts on “Canción ’71 -Yesterday I heard the rain-”

  1. Once again you’ve outdone yourself Pieter. This is a beautiful video…Dame Shirley Bassey looks beautiful and the song is a lovely song, sung beautifully. Pieter I was looking at the videos the real Shirley Bassey, which has four parts. On video (part 4), she sings a song, which she sings the lyrics…”you don’t care anymore, you don’t care anymore…you simply….don’t care anymore”. It’s a very dynamic song, sung very dramatically by her. Would you or anyone happen to know the title of that song…and where, or when she sang it? I love the song, and how she sang it so expressively.

    Thank you so much Pieter once again for your efforts.


  2. Fantastic. I have just seen the video before but everytime I take it, it seems to me it’s my first time. Splendid.


  3. It is an extraordinary performance on both videos….
    DSB is really one of a kind…a wonderful sense of a great actress and artist at her best… very much appreciated.. equal to ‘Somehow” on the Royal Albert Hall concert… another brilliant dramatic performance.
    Thank you.


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