The Johnny Carson Show -1971-


Today’s Video Showcase contains the 1971 Johnny Carson Show that Dame Shirley Bassey was on. She is being interviewed and sings Yesterday When I was Young (Which was one of her biggest hits in Japan). The interview is probably the worst interview you have ever seen with her because Johnny Carson is trying to be funny and makes jokes at all the wrong moments during the whole interview. At a certain point he is not paying attention any more to his guest because the floor manager is giving signals that the commercials have to start. This is probably one of the reasons why Dame Shirley doesn’t want to talk about private matters in interviews as the story she was telling was a very serious one about her life being in danger. You can read more comments about this show on the Message Board. Other guests on the show Lawrence Welk & Dick Gregory.

For the video CLICK HERE or CLICK HERE

In case you want to watch the whole show CLICK HERE









3 thoughts on “The Johnny Carson Show -1971-”

  1. Thank you Pieter. I would have loved to have seen the show. I used to watch Johnnie Carson all the time…strange how I missed this. Wonder what Dick Gregory spoke about? I’m a fan of his as well as Lawrence Welch. Dame Shirley as always looked great. Glad she lived to tell of the experience with the ex-boyfriend. Thank you Pieter, your the best.


  2. Pieter, I watched the entire show…enjoyed it immensely. What interesting guest, Lawrence Welk was so adorable, gentlemanly. Dick Gregory is one funny, intelligent, honest speaking man. Nine children because he enjoyed it…not to make any statement. Johnny Carson was the best evening talk show host. What a gracious, funny host. My other favorite…Mike Douglas. You have outdone yourself as always Pieter…God bless, and thank you!


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