From the archive # 33 -1987-





6 thoughts on “From the archive # 33 -1987-”

  1. I believe it was about the summer of 1986, Dame Shirley Bassey opened a brand new broadway theater in New York. I really mean she really was the very first act booked. She even commented about how that was the first time she’d ever done so ever. My wife at the time was not a huge fan of hers. She was crazy about Patti Labelle and Anita Baker. As I was too, but I felt if I could get her to see a live performance, maybe she’d change her mind alittle. Well we stashed the baby with my parents and I took her to Manhattan on a surprise weekend trip of plays (including Debbie Allen in ” Sweet Charity”), movies, clubs, and upscale eateries she’d wanted to go too. Then after all this I really surprise her with this Bassey concert. She was like, ‘ I don’t want to see her’- ‘you know I don’t like her’. But obviously after all she gave in. Needless to say, after the concert she said something like, ‘ok my opinion of her has changed. She really can sing and is more powerful than Patti’. From that time on her favorite Bassey song was ” Can you read my mind”. But besides all that, I remember she wore the same red gown in this article and I wasn’t to impressed with it considering all the others I’d seen her wear over the years up ’till then. Funny thing happened during the concert. One of the seemingly solid pillars behind her suddenly started to deflate while she was into a number and everyone was thinking it was going to fall on her. But it became obvious that it was some kind of blow up. So between chuckling and pointing at it, Dame Shirley never missed a beat on the song- she was really into the number. And as usual, SHE BROUGHT THE HOUSE DOWN!


    1. What a wonderful memory Emmit. Your wife is a lucky lady to have been treated so royally. Wish I could have been there to hear her sing. I myself don’t think the red dress really compliments her, but just shows she’s human like us all, and has good days with style and not so good. Never heard the song you mentioned…have to look it up. Thanks for sharing that great story.


    2. Claudia, this is for sure she has a larger volume of music material. I am Shirley’s Russian fan but saw her on TV only in 1998 for the first time and occasionally, when the iron curtain had fallen down in former SU. Many singers as Tina Turner,Jagger were prohibited in SU due to ideological motives. I was also very happy when Dame Shirley responded to my letter from Monaco, although I have never been thinking of possibility of getting a reply to it. Barbra Streisand is also a very talanted singer and an actress but I do still think that Barbra is a silver queen and DSB is a gold queen.


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