The Essential Collection.


This is a new release that is available to pre-order from Amazon UK which they say is due out on 2nd September.  I’ve actually bought a copy of it today so it must be released already.  The DVD is the ‘Divas Are Forever’ which is already easily available.  I’ve no idea what the quality of the DVD is like as I’ve not played it.

The CD is an edited version of this concert.  Having quickly played it the quality sounds very good.  All the songs are on the CD, it’s the applause that’s edited and any chat etc is not included.  There are 15 tracks, the same as on the DVD.  Listening to her sing ‘I Want To Know What Love Is’ sent shivers down my back!  It may not be an interesting release but at least it’s something for this 60th Anniversary year that hasn’t been released on CD at all.  Good to get a release at all as the major labels do not seem interested in doing anything to commemorate it.  It’s comes as a digipak and there are two colour photos of Shirley inside and looks really quite nice.  Very good value too for around the £6.00 mark.

12 thoughts on “The Essential Collection.”

  1. I am very happy to see the release, but sorry the “Applause” was
    edited. Seeing “Bassey”graciously glorifying the Audience
    Appreciation, is an. Additional thrilling excitement, along with Sighting
    Her. Beautiful Gowns. .and the Roaring Applause, gives the feel of
    Being There!!! ((Still Grateful to be able to purchase)
    (m coley-USA Michigan Fan)


  2. I am confused here – Divas Are Forever, previously available on DVD was from the 1997 tour (Belgium show), NOT 1999 – so what is this new release exactly? Something previuosly unreleased?..


    1. When I posted this yesterday it was done very quickly and I took the date from the front cover of this release where it states the 1999 concert. It is the one we already have and so is from 1997. You must appreciate I do not keep dates inside my head and so I trusted the sleeve to be correct. DavidB


  3. Divas are forever earlier issued covered the show in Antwerp 1999.
    What is the difference wirh this new issue ?
    Looked on Amazon and Playcom but could not trace it. Have you any information on the label and/or production number ???
    Thanks anyway


    1. The catalogue number is METRSV013 and on Amazon UK it states Metro Sound and Vision label. It isn’t on either or


  4. THANKS for the info Mr. David, it’ll satisfy the hunger somewhat for a lot who’ve never seen or heard the grand one live in concert. But oh man, I wish we could all see her live on atleast a mini world tour again, she’s Astounding.


    1. Yes it’s the DVD we already have as I’ve played the beginning of it now …. it’s just that they have put the songs on CD now without the applause and chat.


    1. I saw it on eBay and it was a ‘Buy it now’ and said available immediately. Had to pay nearly £10 for it (postage was free) but couldn’t wait until September so bought it. If you wait until it’s out on Amazon UK then it’s £4.00 cheaper!!


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