DSB on the Mike Douglas Show # 1

Today the start of another Mike Douglas Show from 1969. It is the one from the 10th. of April and Shirley was once more co-host on the show. Today you can watch part 1 of this show as the whole show will be shown here. Shirley performs Johnny One Note and This Is My Life.

PDVD_2629PDVD_2628For the video of part one click left or right






3 thoughts on “DSB on the Mike Douglas Show # 1”

  1. This is an awesome interview! I’m sure glad Mike Douglas was able to naturally return Shirley’s embrace, on the air. A year or so earlier Andy Williams (on the same network of NBC)did not have the guts to return her embrace. Race relations have come so far. This was a wonderful interview.Thanks for posting.


  2. A beautiful interview, and Dame Shirley, and Mike Douglas seem to have great camaraderie, and connection. Dame Shirley looks beautiful, sang beautifully, and is a fabulous co-host. Always loved Mike Douglas, so friendly. Dame Shirley shares her heart, and is very transparent as usual. Pieter…..thank you so much. Keep them coming…..LOL!!!!


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