From the archive # 38 -1993-

1993 AA

Opening of the Cardiff International Arena (CIA) 1993
Opening of the Cardiff International Arena (CIA) 1993

4 thoughts on “From the archive # 38 -1993-”

  1. Yep, when they’re all forgotten, her music shall reign on- It’s timeless. True, unfortunate and strange , some years ago after a concert of her at Carnagie, various ones waiting for her exit of the building started talking. ‘Who is the best these days?’ Some said Mariah Carey, Diana Ross, some said Barbra Streisand, Dioone Warwick, Helen Reddy, Areatha Franklin. One guy praised Whitney Houston, who at that point in the late eighties was really dominating the charts with her power and versatility. I ABSOLUTLEY ADORE WHITNEY AND MARIAH! This one gentleman said something like, ‘well Whitney is like a modern day younger Shirley, but in 20 years from now I promise you none of them will have the range of Shirley Bassey. Because some of them are not made out of the stuff, and dedication, especially new ones, which Bassey is. Shirley Bassey will still be out singing all of them in 20 years from now.’ I never forgot that comment, this guy was like a prophet- because it’s all true. Many of the greats have come and gone, or are still among us, but Bassey’s the “Queen of the Vocalists”. Dame Shirley Bassey and Johnny Mathis have proven to be the best at covering and delivering on songs often made popular by others, so that it’s either hard to play an original artist without thinking of their renditions. TIMELESS!


  2. She was wonderful singing As If We Never Said Goodbye on Pebble Mill. It was sad that the associated album was so poorly produced. Probably my least favourite Bassey album of all time!


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