From the archive # 44 -1999-







5 thoughts on “From the archive # 44 -1999-”

  1. Great pictures and article, thanks blog. Ms. Claudia, in answer to your question on the ticket price to see Dame Shirley back then. I think I remember paying 40 or 45 dollars for an orchestra seat on the ground floor of Carnegie Hall. Years later I remember finding out late she’d be coming and had to get either a balcony or mezzanine seat, by this time her tickets were more expensive. If I were across the river from this library I could look up the tickets, since I’ve always saved every concert ticket from my first Brothers Johnson concert in 1977. I’ve seen her about 10 times between 1980- 1997. If I find out different I’ll post it on line soon. Take care.


  2. Wonderful article Pieter. Dame Shirley is truly an inspiration to me and so many women. So glad she discovered that taking the HRT was detrimental to her, and she doesn’t have cancer or diabetes. What she said about letting go of guilt is so true. She is a very wise, and that’s why they call her Dame Shirley Bassey. Thank you very much for the helpful article.


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