From the archive # 53 -2009-

2009 was the year Dame Shirley Bassey recorded her last album ‘The Performance’.

2009 H

2009 AF

Below an interview from 2009 with Paul O’Grady

5 thoughts on “From the archive # 53 -2009-”

  1. Such a great album .. if only there was ‘Performance 2’! Originally I believe she did sign for two albums but I managed to ask Dave Arnold this question two years ago at the RAH and he just said ” .. it’s unlikely ..”


  2. Pieter…I enjoyed this interview very much. So good to hear Dame Shirley happy, laughing and really enjoying herself. I agree with her about Dean Martin, and Elvis Presley. I loved most of the songs on the Performance album, but think they should have let her have a bit more artistic control on some of the songs. Hoping she puts another album out also, where she has complete artistic license. Thank you so much Pieter…God bless.


  3. Yep, another Great One in “The Performance” release in 2009. It really lived up to the anticipation that built from the announcement of her working on It about a year before it’s release. As usual she well demonstrated she fits ino in just about any category of music style.What great modern day composers for this all new material written originally just for her too. I heard that one song was a cover song,but I wonder which one it was. Nevertheless if it’s given the Bassey treatment it’s going to more than likely be of a new demension anyway. Besides ” Apartment”, I absolutely adored her haunting beautiful mood song, “After The Rain”. It reminds me so much of a best/ childhood friend Lorri whom we lost the next year- “..this girl just can’t take it anymore”. Thank JAH for his resurrection promise. Although I have been aquainting myself with alot of her older material, way before I turned on to her in 1976, even back to the 1950s, I admit I’m greedy for another new cd. Because although she’s timeeless, you can never get enough of Dame Shirley. Hey I’d even buy a cd of her’s even if she just yawned or coughed to the sound of an orchestra. Because as she said in song herself: “Nobody Does It Like Me”.


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