From the archive # 54 -2010-

Dame Shirley Bassey arrives at the Dorchester Hotel for a fund raiser in 2010 called ‘Fashion For The Brave’.

2010 A

Monte Carlo 2010
Monte Carlo 2010

5 thoughts on “From the archive # 54 -2010-”

  1. What Stunning photo,s ,,THIS IS A REAL CLASSY DAME,,The one & only,, Dame Shirley Bassey, She is GLAMOUR with a Capital G,She is Loveliness with a Capital L, she is a STAR,, The ONLY STAR.
    Thanks Pieter,,i have Never seen these Pictures Before,,,Many THANKS,,



    1. Dennis you are a real charmer. I like your poetry there…very nice. Dame Shirley does look gorgeous, and God continue to smile down upon her every day. You also, Dennis and Pieter.


  2. Thanks Pieter as always for filling us in on alot of info some of us here in the U.S. might not have learned about The Queen of Classical Pop. Also just who started the lie that Dame Shirley is over 70 anyway ? It’s a conspiracy of sorts- when it’s obvious she’s timeless . LONG LIVE THE DAME!


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