Open air concerts

In June 1998 Dame Shirley Bassey performed an open air concert at Highclere Castle, Berkshire (home of the Earl and Countess of Carnarvon and filming location for British TV period drama, Downton Abbey.) We found a video of a Meridian TV news broadcast which includes some footage of Dame Shirley performing on stage. To watch CLICK HERE. (Special thanks to Susan for the video)

1997 C




4 thoughts on “Open air concerts”

  1. Oh if only I had known Dame Shirley then. I almost think this concert cd is my favorite of hers. She is so wonderful, and charming. She chats the audience fantastically. I always smile when I hear that piece, and I always wish I was there. It is nice to see this little clip. I don’t know if I ever saw the black version of this dress from Diva’s are forever. She is so cute! I love this! Thanks Pieter!


  2. The stately homes tour was wonderful. I was fortunate to be at BLICKLING HALL where on a glorious summer evening in a setting near the lake Shirley entertained in style and the evening was opened ideally by Kenny Ball and his jazzmen….. my only reservation was that although the sound was excellent, I felt the picnic area should be separate and the concert start a bit later and only chars allowed into the seating area as the audience were so spread out and sight lines were good as it was on a slope but many people were along way from the stage


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