From the archive # 71 -1969-

Today a newspaper announcement from 1969 for a Shirley Bassey concert that was shown on TV from Berns Restaurant in Stockholm (Sweden.)  Bassey was living as a tax exile in Switzerland at the time for two years and was not allowed to go to the United Kingdom so she worked abroad a lot. If you click the player below you can listen to the audio of the concert. Unfortunately we don’t have it on video.

Berns Restaurant Stockholm
Berns Restaurant Stockholm


4 thoughts on “From the archive # 71 -1969-”

  1. absolutely extraordinary to be able to hear this which is completely new to me and to hear `live` versions of some songs. hope the BBC has the original footage .


  2. Another Great Concert Live, Shirley,s Version of going out of my Head,coupled With You go to my Head,it was on THIS IS MY LIFE L.P VINYL [1969] U.K ,Superb, Also ALYN AINSWORTH Directing he worked with Dame Shirley for many of her recordings in the 60,s, I agree with Terence,Some of the live Versions like the one above are a joy to Listen to,Thanks Pieter .



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