Unseen footage from the Monaco Interview

Poster von Pieter Original

For todays blog a few seconds of unseen footage from the 1999 Monaco Interview with Nigel Havers. To watch the unseen footage CLICK HERE. To watch the full interview once more CLICK HERE (with special thanks to Susan for the video).






4 thoughts on “Unseen footage from the Monaco Interview”

  1. I adore this interview!!! IThis is so comical! Nigel is hilarious! Loved seeing the extra. I smile during this entire interview. I just can’t help myself. I watch it over and over, and never get tired of it.THANK YOU


  2. Fabulous I agree with Lydia, this interview is my favourite interview, its just so natural and easy to watch they clearly got on so well and just fantastic to see it again, love watching it! Thanks Pieter and Susan! Brilliant! 🙂


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