Commercial for the Birthday Concert CD 1998


For today’s blog we have the TV. commercial for The Diamond Collection from 1998. Produced by Colin Green, this album is mixed together from the two live concerts in England on July 19th 1997 in Castle Howard and on July 26th 1997 at Althorp Park. Shirley Bassey celebrated her 60th birthday with a series of concerts, of which this CD draws from the two open-air concerts.  This album was nominated for the 1999 Grammy Award for Best Traditional Pop Vocal Performance.  It does not contain all the songs Shirley sang at these concerts, for example “I Only Have Eyes For You” is missing on the recording. Most songs of this recording had already been released one year before on The Birthday Concert. To watch the video CLICK HERE (Special thanks to Susan who made her fabulous video collection available for the blog).

Tomorrow will be my last post for this month as I will be on holiday for a few weeks. Of course we will keep you informed if there is any news about Dame Shirley Bassey.

Birthday Concert front

Birthday Concert credits

Diamond Collection Front

Photo by John den Outer
Photo by John den Outer

Diamond Collection back Track listing

8 thoughts on “Commercial for the Birthday Concert CD 1998”

  1. Great live concert cd, she’s in top form for 60th birthday year anniversary. Took it to a friends home recently for their listening pleasure, and they accidently sat on it – I almost died. Thank goodness there are more copies (LOL). Have a well deserved and wonderful vacation Pieter, you’ll be missed.


    1. Same sentiments as you Emmit AGAIN , have a great Holiday Pieter You Deserve it & Many Thanks

      Dennis Channel Islands


  2. Pieter….enjoy your holiday and thank you for all the posts that we DSB fans appreciate and enjoy…. thank you for the fruits of your labor you put into the Bassey blog…


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