Goldfinger -vintage video-

1964 O

For this blog a vintage video for ‘Goldfinger’ from 1965. Special thanks to Luc from Belgium for this very special and rare video. You can watch it here:


Goldf. 1









10 thoughts on “Goldfinger -vintage video-”

  1. I very much enjoyed this rare and old footage.
    Thanks so much for all your posts that we DSB fans are able to enjoy. Pieter you do a great job with the blog.


  2. This is just amazing! How did you find this?
    Thank you so much.
    I love that the original recording is used instead of the edited version that we hear in many compilations in later tracks.


  3. Wow what a weird setting for the video…a construction site… love the early footage regardless. I agree at least 30 feet? in the air….what were they thinking…?


    1. I agree…great video, but don’t think they should have had her on that apparatus just for a song. Dame Shirley was young, probably felt whatever it takes to sell a song or publicity in those days. At least her management convinced her of that. But that was dangerous. Thank you so much Luc for sending this video to Pieter, sharing it with us, and once again Pieter thank you, and WELCOME BACK!!!!!


  4. Yep, this was abit over the top in terms of the risk factor. Thank God The Lady made it through. But it has to be said despite it all and the raw earthiness of it- The Dame Reigns Supreme on Class!


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