From the archive # 90 -1988-



1988 London
Special thanks to Audrey for this picture

5 thoughts on “From the archive # 90 -1988-”

  1. Love the pics and the story but, couldn’t help laughing at the tacky gown ‘add on’. Somebody was busy with a felt tip pen methinks. Better to have left well alone!


  2. I find it extraordinary that DSB doesn’t think her ‘blackness’ has been a career impediment. I think it has. Her talent, star quality and longevity warrants far greater acclaim than she has received. There must have been times in her 60 year career where it was made plain that her race was keeping her from greater fame, success and rewards. I don’t think her white fans would hold it against her if she were to acknowledge this. Otherwise, I tremendously admire her for rejecting all of the limitations that others sought to impose on her because of her race.


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