From the archive # 98 -1996-

On the 27th. of October 1996 The Dame Shirley Bassey Birthday Special was recorded in London. The broadcast for tv. was in January 1997 the year of her actual 60th. birthday.
Below a report about the recording by Super Fan Hilary Finney. Also a YouTube video of the show.

1996 H

1996 J Blog)







2 thoughts on “From the archive # 98 -1996-”

  1. This was recorded and broadcast by LWT, not the BBC. It was not a great show. These “celebrity” audience shows always have a huge “cringe” factor. The comedy moments like her dress being cut or the awful “slave to the rhythm” section with DSB in a very unflatering cat suit were awful. Even at the time the whole production was very dated. If they had just let DSB perform for a audience of fans, without all the nonsense (like the BBC did on “Viva Diva”) it could have been great!


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