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Dame Shirley Bassey at the Oscars Los Angeles 2013

2013 B (blog)

Earlier this year, Dame Shirley Bassey arrives on The Oscars’ red carpet. A selection of new photos and short video recently added to YouTube.

What else can I say about 2013. First we had Dame Shirley Bassey’s fabulous performance in Hamburg in January, her performing ‘Goldfinger’ at the Oscars, recently the new remix and another highlight to me was the finding of some unreleased songs from the 1979 BBC Shows. Especially the Barry Manilow song ‘Daybreak’ which appeared in YouTube shortly after it was on the blog. It would be great if the 1979 BBC shows were released on DVD someday with these tracks as bonus tracks.



Shirley Bassey-AES-092174

Shirley Bassey-AES-092175

Shirley Bassey-AES-092176

Shirley Bassey-AES-092177

Shirley Bassey-AES-092178



From the archive # 112 -2012

On 30th January 2012 Dame Shirley attended ‘Lambertz Monday Night’ in Cologne. For the original reports there are earlier photos and more photos and videos. Today some additional reporting from this event.

Dame Shirley Bassey
Dame Shirley Bassey

Below a gallery of event photos with Dame Shirley Bassey enjoying the company of Austrian film and television actor, Helmut Berger:

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The following video has a few snippets of Dame Shirley from the event:

On a sadder note, February 2012 saw the tragic death of DJ Danae Jacovidis, he was one of the early pioneers of disco music and dance club culture and one of his many lasting legacies is this club floor-filler remix of Get The Party Started:

From the archive # 111 -2011-

Dame Shirley Bassey at the Scottish Fashion Awards in 2011, as reported with further detail in this earlier blog post.

For the video of Dame Shirley CLICK HERE



We remember Jean

Today we remember our fellow Dame Shirley Bassey fan Jean Reade who sadly passed away 5 years ago in 2008. Below some pictures of her and a newspaper article from 1995 that mentions her. Jean was known and loved by many of us and she will never be forgotten.

To watch one of Jean’s favourite video’s CLICK HERE

Dame Shirley Bassey and Jean
Dame Shirley Bassey and Jean
Jean (middle) and her sister Audrey (right) at the Royal Albert Hall in London in 1993
Jean (middle) and her sister Audrey (right) at the Royal Albert Hall in London in 1993

1995 C Jean