December – Time To Get The Party Started (NEW VIDEO!)

December is here and what better way to get the party started than with this great new video edit of Dame Shirley Bassey’s ‘Get The Party Started,’ put together by talented VJ Tony Mendes:

It’s 7 years since DSB appeared in the best M&S Christmas ad ever:

And from 2007, the original and best GTPS Video:

Wishing DSB fans everywhere very best wishes of the season!

Berlin concert -1987-

As I will be away for a few days I am leaving you with this fabulous 1987 Berlin concert. It has improved sound quality from the original video and I hope you enjoy these 85 minutes of Bassey magic! Till later: Pieter. For the video CLICK HERE. Of course we hope this great concert will one day be released on DVD as she sounds and looks fantastic! 🙂

From Ian our ‘Gown Guru’ about the dress Shirley is wearing for this concert: This gown was designed by Sara Perceval around 1983, Sara did all of the lace chiffon gowns for DSB in the 90′s. We call it the Cockeral Gown for obvious reasons. The gown was worn at Blazers in London in 1984, on British tv in 1987 and in Berlin in 1987 and several other occasions in the late 80′s. It was sadly destroyed in a fire in the early 90′s! 😦