New Music Video! 7 Minutes of Shirley Bassey Disco Heaven

This is a marvellous moment, finally after all this time a proper music video has been created for the Shirley Bassey Shaken and Stirred mix of the 2007 hit, The Living Tree, and it looks and sounds divine.

Hats off to Tony Mendes for his creative talents and to LSB Records for releasing it. The song was written by Catherine Feeney and Nikki Lamborn and performed by their band “Never The Bride.” You can see their recent performances at including The Living Tree performed with live band and electric violinist.

3 thoughts on “New Music Video! 7 Minutes of Shirley Bassey Disco Heaven”

  1. thank you for sharing this, the film footage is fine (from the FAENOL concert) but the mix is repetitive and overlong. Still think the original videos are great especially the Royal Variety performance and my favourite the appearance on the Dame Edna Experience. I was lucky to hear it `live` at Wembley Arena 2006. Once upon a time it was rare for 2/3 years to pass without the wonderful experience of a concert.


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