Dame Shirley Bassey Christmas Card + Radio and TV Times

Here is the beautiful photo Dame Shirley chose for her Christmas card this year. It was taken at the Opéra de Monte-Carlo by Alain Hanel.

© 2013 - Alain Hanel - Photographies
© 2013 – Alain Hanel – Photographies

On BBC Radio 2 and iPlayer this afternoon we are expecting something from Dame Shirley Bassey on Paul O’Grady’s show starting at 5pm:

Paul O Grady - BBC Radio Two

On TV tomorrow Monday 16th December at 10.35pm, BBC One Wales (and afterwards on iPlayer) broadcasts a new 30 minute documentary, part of the series “They Sold A Million” celebrating the stories behind famous Welsh music legends who sold a million records:


Shirley Bassey is the most successful female British chart artist of all time and the first Welsh artist to reach No 1 in the charts. They Sold a Million: Shirley Bassey celebrates Wales’s greatest diva in her 60th year in showbusiness. The film focuses on her early break through the years from her upbringing in Cardiff’s Tiger Bay and Splott, her performances in clubs and theatre in the mid-50s, through to her first chart successes and the recording of Goldfinger. The documentary features interviews with her friends and contemporaries such as the great Welsh comedian Wyn Calvin, dancer Louise Freeman, Goldfinger lyricist Leslie Bricusse, as well as previous interviews with Shirley. The film explores the ingredients which made Shirley Bassey a unique international phenomenon which has endured and recalls some of her greatest performances, such as Glastonbury in 2007.

Already on the Christmas TV schedule in UK a few repeats including Sky Arts 2 continuing to show A Special Lady and BBC4 repeating Duets At The BBC, featuring Shirley Bassey playing with Neil Diamond.

Please check the TV listings in your region/country and alert us to any interesting mentions or broadcasts of Dame Shirley that may be taking place, or that you come across!!

8 thoughts on “Dame Shirley Bassey Christmas Card + Radio and TV Times”

  1. Well besides being the best versatile female vocalist to come out of the 20th century, she can’t be anything but adorable here. How fortunate we all were to discover her. May there be even better years for her to come- LONG LIVE THE DAME!


  2. I received this Christmas card from Dame Shirley last week, it is a beautiful photograph, and very decorative on the back. Long live this wonderful Lady. Merry Christmas everyone.


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