[REMIX] Dario G ft. Dame Shirley Bassey – We Got Music (7th Heaven Club Edit) (FULL VERSION!!)

22 thoughts on “[REMIX] Dario G ft. Dame Shirley Bassey – We Got Music (7th Heaven Club Edit) (FULL VERSION!!)”

  1. This is perfect timing , I always felt December 15th was the beginning of Shirleys Diamond jubilee here we go . what fun , infectious joy .


  2. Amazing, let’s hope this song will introduce a complete new generation to the art of DSB. And who knows, maybe the renewed interest in DSB will ultimately lead to new recordings of our dame.


  3. There IS a very strong interest in new DSB recordings. Her work and status are almost as admired and elevated as they can get. I would be glad if this new record would help to renew interest but DSB certainly doesn’t need renewed interest. A large interest and fan base is there and growing by iconic outings like the Oscar performance etc.


  4. wow!…and amazing….what a voice …..unlike many professional artists, DSB has only gotten better and better thru the years and held her own….in my opinion no one can top the Dame.


  5. Although I find this remix a bit long, especially the beginning, I like it. I would love to hear the original. Sorry if I’m wrong but I think the vocal recording can be referred as early Shirley (1996 maybe).


    1. Don’t get me wrong Emilio. This is a complete new Remix, of what I believe an old recording that have never been released. There are out there a lot of recordings of Shirley Bassey that we never have or will hear of.


  6. I also agree, this must have been a shelved track somewhere from the late 80’s early 90’s that has been (as I like to say) re-touched.

    Happy Holidays All


  7. In agreed curiousity with fellow fans here such as Paul, Emilio, and Mart, I do wonder if it’s an a new recording too. So how the original sounds would be interesting to hear. But in any case it’s a very nice upbeat dance track that will make it’s way into clubs and further interest of a new audience. Her unusual versatility shown here again with no tarnish to her image. Maybe there will be a new Lp/cd soon and maybe truth to the rumor of a mini world tour on the horizon soon. Much thanks to Dario Gs’ tasteful efforts on handling the Best Classic Pop Singer ever, and of course this wonderful blog for it’s airing.


  8. Once upon a time some album sleeves/cd booklets contained actual information. I have wanted to know about `I will survive` from the `get the party started` cd. This was a karaoke no and the original hit I never liked by Gloria Gaynor but liked the song itself. I dislike most remixes but `Shirley`s `I will survive` I loved from the first hearing but I was not aware of the original so maybe that helped. I would have preferred the CD to have included, `HERE`S TO LIFE`, `YOU NEEDED ME` MUSIC` etc. I wonder if the poor JAMES BOND ALBUM will ever be remixed with orchestra, David Arnold would be the man for the job. I wish Shirley would do a concert season , people would travel to see her say 3nights on1 night rest and 3 nights ideally at the ROYAL ALBERT HALL or for better viewing THE ROYAL FESTIVAL HALL


  9. There has been rumors floating about of some kind of tour to some major cities in various places of the world next year. It would be great to see her live again. Last I saw her was at Westbury Music Fair in late 1997. So hopefully there will be more than just a return to Hamburg, so folks who’ve never seen her live like Ms. Claudia can get the opportunity too. Lets all pray.


  10. Shirley is my favorite lady singer but this melody is very poor ! DSB deserve much more than that ! Her songs are timeless, no need remixes, orginal ones are good enough as they are.
    a sound ” boom boom boom” never made a good melody


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