From the archive # 113 -2013

Dame Shirley Bassey at the Oscars Los Angeles 2013

2013 B (blog)

Earlier this year, Dame Shirley Bassey arrives on The Oscars’ red carpet. A selection of new photos and short video recently added to YouTube.

What else can I say about 2013. First we had Dame Shirley Bassey’s fabulous performance in Hamburg in January, her performing ‘Goldfinger’ at the Oscars, recently the new remix and another highlight to me was the finding of some unreleased songs from the 1979 BBC Shows. Especially the Barry Manilow song ‘Daybreak’ which appeared in YouTube shortly after it was on the blog. It would be great if the 1979 BBC shows were released on DVD someday with these tracks as bonus tracks.



Shirley Bassey-AES-092174

Shirley Bassey-AES-092175

Shirley Bassey-AES-092176

Shirley Bassey-AES-092177

Shirley Bassey-AES-092178



9 thoughts on “From the archive # 113 -2013”

  1. Dame Shirley was absolutely fabulous at the 2013 Academy Awards.
    She certainly deserved the standing ovation she received. Wow! She is the best and in my opinion there will never be another Dame Shirley Bassey.


  2. Love That Track Daybreak,, & does n,t Our Dame Look out of this world, Her whole Being is HEAVENLY 100% Agree with You Pruette, and so do Millions of other Dame Shirley Bassey Fans the WORLD OVER,, THERE NEVER WILL BE ANOTHER DAME SHIRLEY,



  3. As I said earlier this year on this blog, just imagine if the Academy Awards were saluting the James Bond themes, and our Great Dame sang atleast a medley off all three she’s sung- not only would that audience have given her a standing ovation, they would’ve been compelled to bow at her feet. She out sand all of them that night to a world audience of Hundred of Millions- LONG LIVE THE DAME!


  4. It is always so nice to hear something new like `daybreak`. I wish the BBC (and ITV) would compile all the edited out songs onto DVD Presenting `RARE MOMENTS` dame Shirley Bassey 1953-2013`


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