Happy Birthday Dame Shirley Bassey – I, Capricorn

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Celebrity astrologer Philip Garcia had the following to say…

Shirley Bassey is a national treasure and one of the most sublime performers of her generation. She could be compared to a big cat, graceful, awesome, tender, aggressive, a mix of beauty and stealth. She was born in 8 January at Tiger Bay, Wales. A working class girl, she supported her family, but her gift, God’s gift, was lying inherent in those vocal chords. At sixteen she was already, touring in a Review called “Memories of Al Jolson” the rest is history.  She is one of the greats!  A trooper, a woman who has lived passionately, who has not balked at life’s challenges, and has stood up to the best of them. She is a Capricorn, a tough cookie, she would never let you see her cry, but she knows about tears; there have been losses in her life, people who hurt her and she felt she could never forgive them, maybe because of that bright Moon in Scorpio. Whether they were right or wrong was irrelevant to Shirley, if they offended, that was it! Her strength and resilience would push her forwards nonetheless, beyond the slights of her critics and those who did not understand her. Her talent shone through and the prizes and accolades just poured in. She can keep going for hours; rehearse so hard, everyone else will want to go home.

Shirley Bassey - Philip Garcia Astrology
“A Capricorn, a tough cookie”
When she falls ill, or feels down, she is liable to switch off the lights. She was awarded Dame Commander of the Order of the British Empire in the 2000 and the CBE in 1993 for her services to entertainment. Only 5ft 3″ she stands tall in talent. Why? Well that is a very apt question. One of the number one reasons could be because of her Mars in Scorpio; it simply does not make her a pushover. She gets results. She gets edgy. She stamps her foot for what is due. She expresses her “chutzpah”, she is no shy pussycat. The down side is that she gets perturbed, irritated by other people’s narrow minded perceptions and she will battle against perceived injustices until she has not one more breath left in her body, until right is done. She says what she thinks, diplomacy is certainly not number one on her hit list. What needs to be declared needs to be declared and she will stick to her word. Venus in Pisces makes love deeply felt. She falls totally, head over heels, her passion touching the stars.

She is capable of expressing feelings with overpowering performances, she bring tears to our eyes. Her friends are everything to her. Her gentleness and kindness to those of them in trouble is commendable. Loyalty is important, and no shallow people for her please. She likes them weighty, philosophical and amusing. No cocktail party bores for Shirley. She wants people around her who have lived, who express her same dedication to life. Her voice reflects her light and shadow, her loss and fulfilment. Who can listen to Shirley belt out “You will never walk alone” without collapsing in a heap? Few, we hasten to add.   When in doubt she can talk her way out of a paper bag with Mercury in Aquarius. Mercury is her salvation. It helps her remain detached when she has to. Her brain rumbles, she pulls down ideas from places she did not even know existed, expressing insightful perceptions and removing herself from overreaction when she needs to. In fact like a cat, when the time is apt she will just mind her own business and curl up in a ball in the armchair, exhausted by boring people who just do not get the point!

Shirley has had many life lessons to learn. Her exceptional talent has pushed her through infinite fiery hoops, but she came to this earth with a karmic mission, to touch hearts through her performance and she is in sincere in this intent. Shirley’s life has been touched by Fate. She could have been nothing other than a performer, it was written in her stars…