From the archive # 118 -1959-

1959 BX


4 thoughts on “From the archive # 118 -1959-”

  1. What a thoroughly insightful article Pieter. Loved getting to know who the real Dame Shirley is. Seems she has been hurt a lot by her peers, but she is a real trooper, an example of fortitude, determination, and faith in self. God bless Dame Shirley.


  2. interesting article and to think that Eartha kitt became a lifelong friend. Eartha was as great artist who had endured and survived far more than Shirley and was probably wary of people. If only Shirley could have known that her hard work, self discipline and dedication was to lead to a world wife reputation as a world class artist and the affection and respect for her would lead to a legion d`honeur, CBE & DBE.


    1. I agree Terence that Eartha Kitt had even more strikes against her that could have stopped her from becoming the great, famous star she would become. I’m sure she even had insecurities that the younger starlet Shirley Bassey would steal the admiration and fame from her, which it didn’t.


  3. Great article Pieter. With all the strikes Eartha Kitt had going against her from a very young age, it could only have been God’s favor, and her determination, desire to be loved, and someone famous that she was able to overcome and triumph. Two great, strong, determined women.


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