From the archive # 119 -1960-


Today three newspaper articles from the year 1960 when Shirley Bassey was playing at the Pigalle and Eartha Kitt at the Talk of the Town. Also below a page from the Eartha Kitt biography by John Williams.

1960 AC NMEBassey12thAug Eartha Kitt

1960 M NMEBassey2ndSept Eartha Kitt

1960 N NMEBassey2ndSept2 Eartha Kitt Cliff Richard


page 246 (blog)

2 thoughts on “From the archive # 119 -1960-”

  1. Very interesting articles – thanks Pieter. It was interesting for me to read about Shirley’s exploits in Bournemouth, my home town.and where I first saw her perform in the very early seventies. Eartha Kitt was a great star too; I remember seeing her one woman show in London in 1989 – she was terrific; sadly these calibre of entertainers are no more. Dame Shirley is the last of these greats, let’s hope we see more of her soon.


  2. Thank you Pieter. You have outdone yourself with these postings, quote from Mr. Williams’ book re: Eartha Kitt. Eartha had a rough beginning in life, but by God’s grace, and her wanting to be loved, and succeed became a great star. Two great Dames.


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