Traumatised Young Shirley Recalls Gunpoint Nightmare

Today some archive video footage recently discovered on Youtube showing Shirley Bassey’s reaction to her horrific gunpoint ordeal at the hands of her possessive and deranged boyfriend Pepe Davis in 1957:


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4 thoughts on “Traumatised Young Shirley Recalls Gunpoint Nightmare”

  1. Thank you Pieter for going through the trouble to get this post for the blog fans. Thank you for your hard work. What a great posting. What a scary situation for Dame Shirley. I saw her speaking about it on a Youtube video when she was on the Johnny Carson show fifteen years later. The newspaper article, and video’s are intriguing. Thank you so much. Your efforts are greatly appreciated. God Bless!


  2. Wow, how terrifying that must have been. How fortunate she survived and tragic so many in these situations have not. I’m especially sensitive about women caught in these circumstances because such was the case of my sister Doris who was taken from our family in 1974 by her deranged husband in Brooklyn N.Y. Although she was mostly a lover of classic soul music, she’d had an ear for Bassey before I, because an aunt of ours absolutely adored Shirley Bassey, and constantly played her music more than what we all wanted to hear. Love is not supposed to be scary, hurt or be tragic, but sadly sometimes it can be with the wrong person. Thank God her family was spared this. Not to say Jehovah predestines any such horror for others who have. And I know one day He will fix it for all who have. When I became a fan of Ms. Bassey back in 1976 and all the years since, I never knew of this incident in her life until I read about it a little over a year ago, and then like Ms. Claudia saw a brief explaining of it from an appearance of her on the Johnny Carson show by way of Youtube. Thank you to Pieter for posting this, to show how even in the life of one as famous as she, there can be elements of danger that are not your fault, and we can learn from this. THIS LONG LIVE THE DAME.


  3. By the way Pieter, whatever happened to this man Pepe Davis, after prison? If you or anyone knows? I’m sure Dame Shirley must have inquired, if only for her own safety in the future.


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