Short video of DSB at a Liza Minnelli concert

Dame Shirley Bassey recently attended a Liza Minnelli concert. Below a video where she greets Liza on stage. In 1993 Liza Minnelli, Shirley Bassey & Ray Charles went on tour through Europe together. Below a brochure from Holland of the event. (With special thanks to André)




12 thoughts on “Short video of DSB at a Liza Minnelli concert”

  1. I remember the sudden publicity of this concert back then, but never got a chance to see it because of work obligations I
    here in the U.S.A. Very fortunate for you and all who did Dean. Are there any clips of the shows they performed? Also does anyone know if it’s true that some time back about then Ms. Bassey toured with Dioone Warwick & Diana Ross? And on another occasion with Johnny Mathis?


  2. The show was on the 6th of November 1993….. I think actually there was an extra date added…. Tickets were only available to members of the ECI book/cd club
    I sat half way in block H and paid fl130.00 for each ticket. (Which was a lot of money back then!). The show was opened by Shirley, Ray Charles performed second and as last Miss Liza. The artists did not perform together…. all three did return to the stage at the end of the show for applause. I have seen Liza twice since and Shirley also a couple of times…..but this was one I remember as a very special evening.


  3. Well, my friend and I were also at this concert back in 1993. I must say, we found it disappointed. We also paid a considerable amount for the places, but had to sest on terrible hard wooden office chairs. The presentation by Willem Duys was terrible – as usual. We only came for DSB (she was terrific!) but she sang only for about 45 minutes. Of course Mr. Charles en Miss Minelli were in their right very good, despite the fact that Miss Minella said “Thank you Amsterdam” while the event took place in Utrecht. She also talked a lot which we could not understand and could not find a minute to stand still. Liquors maybe? Anyway, we were lucky to hear and see DSB later on at the Concertgebouw Amsterdam and in Carré Amsterdam. Solo for more than 1,5 hours. Again, we regretted our travel to this “three-in-one” arrangement.The only reason to go was DSB. Unfortunately a very short appearance that time.


  4. yes, I remember it well. I saw them in Berlin, it was such a great event, they all gave their best, each one had a set of 45 minutes. Shirley was marvellous, Liza was still on top vocally (before her vocal chords operation) and delivered a stunning version of THE DAY AFTER THAT (from KISS OF THE SPIDER WOMAN), her charity single for the fight against AIDS. it was a once in a lifetime show event.


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