From the archive # 123 -1964-

1964 AE


3 thoughts on “From the archive # 123 -1964-”

  1. Thank you very much Pieter. This was 7 years after the incident with her boyfriend at the hotel. Dame Shirley looks very pretty, and much more grown up, and lady of the world (mature) in these pictures. I wish I had been old enough to have even known who Dame Shirley was in 1964, I would have loved to have attended the Madison Square Garden performance, but I was only ten years of age then…LOL!!! Thanks so much Pieter for the great work.


  2. I had no idea that Shirley had appeared at Madison Square Garden. I assume this was not unlike the JFK show she sang at with another lady who went on to become a DBE, the late great Joan Sutherland?


  3. Wow, that’s news to me to Paul, I never knew our Great Dame did the Garden either. Yep she’s done it all- she’s The Queen.


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