Pre-Order Dame Shirley Bassey Single “We Got Music”

The new single of Dame Shirley Bassey’s upcoming hit “We Got Music” is now available for pre-order on Amazon and iTunes.

"We Got Music"
“We Got Music”

Dario G famed for the late 90’s, Top 10 (#2) hit Sunchyme returns with the 1st his anticipated, forthcoming (2014) album featuring non other than the legendary Dame Shirley Bassey!

Latin sounds and beats from the outset make this a stand-out feel-good dance track for all ages. Dame Shirley Bassey loved the track when she heard it. She unmistakably delivers a killer hook in true DSB style; she certainly does this song justice!

As Dario G’s Paul Spencer says: ‘My main reason for loving the music industry is getting those unique experiences. I’d always loved Dame Shirley and here I was working with her. In Monaco! At the Opera House! She’s worked with so many legendary songwriters and musicians so it’s an enormous boost to now be part of that privileged group.’

Dario G & Dame Shirley Bassey have definitely Got Music!

UK Release date: 24th February 2014

Cat#: TRANS083D / Transmission Recordings / Distributed by Pias

Listen to the Radio Edit of the 7th Heaven “We Got Music” remix here:

8 thoughts on “Pre-Order Dame Shirley Bassey Single “We Got Music””

  1. Well apparently it seems the mystery is solved as to when The Dame recorded this vocal track. Looking forward to the cd/lp. Seems that when ever she’s been part of any of these projects of an invite (Yello’s “One Secound” or The Propellerheads “Decksdrums…”) the cds are always good listening in general and abit unusual. She picks very well. It’d really be a great surprise if she does more than one track.


    1. This is what happens if you don’t have a uk address. Why ? we will probably find it on. Uk. eBay very sad for fans that really love dame shirley


  2. “Absoo-lute-ly Fab-bu-lous!!” just
    love this brand new song- summer is
    here at last!!! thank you Shirley- in
    all the decades you
    are always full of surprises!
    Gorgeous track- more please!! x


  3. This is a great song! Well done! I am sorry, but shouldn’t Dame Shirley’s name come first!!!!! I am just saying…


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