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5 thoughts on “From the archive # 125 -1966-”

  1. How are you Pieter? When is your birthday if you don’t mind my asking. Anyway, thank you for the interesting article from 1966, and the lovely picture above. Unfortunately I was only 12 years of age, and knew nothing of Dame Shirley Bassey then until my latter ten age years. Thank you and all your helpers for your efforts to give us all this information.


  2. I endorse what Claudia has written. I was aware of Shirley Bassey for years as a child because Radio 2 was on all day at home and I must have seen her on the television. It was 1970 and `SOMETHING` and Shirley being in the UK after a 2 year break that started my interest but it was the 1971 Royal Variety show which sealed my admiration forever. All tv appearances had a greater impact at the time as there were only 3 channels, limited radio, no internet, dvds or videos. If you see the footage she was top of the bill , notice no flashing lights or pyrotechnics just white light, a great orchestra behind her and Brian Fahey conducting. Shirley sizzles on `till love touches your life`, sings with warmth, expression on `for all we know` the cover of the beautiful Carpenters song and she had been in the charts with this about that time and proving that an artist with the aid of a great arrangement can bring a whole new performance to a song. `Love story` was a `tour de force` wearing the sensational Douglas Darnell white cutaway gown. How could I have known Shirley would still be a great star and recording with Dario G or that I would experience the joy of many, many concerts from 1972 Royal Albert Hall to Wembley Arena 2006.


  3. Yes, thank you Pieter and everyone involved in creating this fantastic Blog.

    Following on from your experience Terence I remember my first encounter with Shirley Bassey. I too was always aware of her but being just out of my teens was not into her kind of music. When she gave a concert at the Winter Gardens in Bournemouth in 1971 I remember being dragged along by my then girlfriend to see her, against my will. As the concert was a sell out we had a couple of returns right at the back of the auditorium, couldn’t see much but could certainly hear her. I was amazed at the power of her voice and I got more interested and excited as the evening went on. By the end Shirley had the audience eating out of her hand and when everyone seemed to rush to the front at the end of her performance I was mesmerised; never seen anything like it before. I even found myself inching forward – I was hooked! and have been eversince. The last of the true greats as far as I am concerned she outshines them all!


  4. New about her in passing through my aunt whom it seemed at the time purposely tortured us with this “screaming woman” as another aunt used to say, instead of playing Aretha Franklin or the Diana Ross or Temptations. But when I got hooked in ’76, I got hooked. Now it’s a treasure to hear her earlier material from then


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