We Got Music Played On Paul O’Grady’s BBC Radio 2 Show

Dario G Post On Facebook- We Got Music on Paul O Grady

Dame Shirley Bassey and Dario G’s upcoming new single “We Got Music” was played by Paul O’Grady on BBC Radio 2 this afternoon shortly before 6pm and will be available on BBC iPlayer for limited time or listen below at Transmission Records Soundcloud..

The new single is available to pre-order on Amazon and iTunes.

9 thoughts on “We Got Music Played On Paul O’Grady’s BBC Radio 2 Show”

  1. Thanks again Dario G for your wonderful talents and treatment in this song with The Great Dame Shirley Bassey, and additionally Paul O’ Grady for your generosity of it’s airing too.


  2. I 2nd Your Comments Emmit,,Go Dame Shirley, With Dario G to number 1 in the Dance Charts, Round the Clubs & then if a Few More like Paul O Grady Give the Disc Air time on there Radio & T.V Shows i am sure It could be a Massive Hit,
    Who but Dame Shirley At 77, could Achieve such great Heights, in the Music Charts After more than 60 years in Show Business, My Fingers are Crossed, If the the D.J,s do there Bit To let the public & her Fans know about the Release of this Single with Dario, they can Leave The Rest to DAME SHIRLEY , i Hope i have done my own little bit to promote Dame shirley,s Single, Thanks again to Paul , we all know he is a great fan of Dame shirley, keep playng the Single Paul.



  3. To those lucky ones in the UK who heard it or can catch it again – how was it? How different is it from the available remixes?


    1. I honestly can’t think of another 77 year old with a release this hot! Can you? So from that prospective it may be one the all time greats. She sounds awesome!


  4. My heart is just pounding. She is fabulous. And job well done Dario!!! I have heard so many mixes on Sound cloud that have been garbage, but this is fabulous.Is Dame Shirley harmonizing with her self? Well done! I am so proud of her! I hope there is a really cool video, like Get the party started.


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