From the archive # 126 -1967-

1967 J

Click here to listen to I Wish You Love

Shirley Bassey & Kenneth Hume
Shirley Bassey & Kenneth Hume

6 thoughts on “From the archive # 126 -1967-”

  1. What an article Pieter. So sorry for her. Thank you. She seemed to really love both of her husbands. I thought she would stay with Sergio forever. Can never judge by outward appearances, and pictures.


  2. It is a beautifully constructed song. I was glad when it was revived as a closing encore concert song. Shirley clearly was in love with both husbands, Sergio`s management mad a big difference to her but that was some of the trouble mixing business with a relationship. Shirley would not have survived by talent alone, from all accounts everybody wants their `pound of flesh`, very few artists have real control over their career and Shirley has been no exception. You are `in the hands` of agents, managers, recording companies, impresarios, producers, the press but finally out on the stage like no where else providing you are at optimum health and the musicians are directed well you can create magic and then Shirley is world class. All her MDS have been good but I have a soft spot for Peter Tomasso, he directed with such sensitivity as seen on the 1989 Wembley Arena concert, what a night that was entering from the back of the arena much to the surprise and delight of the audience and onto the revolving stage with the LONDON SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA. That spectacular should have been filmed.
    Watch him following her so closely in the great 1987 Berlin concert.


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