Let’s Face The Music – Complete Edition

After the disappointment of last year when nothing was released or done to celebrate Dame Shirley’s 60th Anniversary we have the excitement of a new song, ‘We Got Music‘, being released next month.  It is already available to pre-order on iTunes and is listed on Amazon.co.uk to download on 23rd February.  We are all hoping it will be a massive hit and will bring Dame Shirley back into the spotlight.

Last year virtually nothing was released of Dame Shirley’s and it seems as though the record companies who own her back catalogue are ignoring her and her fans and not interested in releasing anything.  It appears that the situation remains the same at the moment.  Shame on them!  However a CD has just been released by Jackpot Records entitled ‘Let’s Face The Music – Complete Edition‘.  As I collect all her CDs I naturally have had to buy it.


This is a remastered version of the 1962 album she recorded with Nelson Riddle and released on the Columbia label in the UK with added bonus tracks.  The quality is outstanding.  Also included is the 1957 8 track album ‘Born To Sing The Blues’ originally released on the Philips label.  I thought it strange when I saw it was included as bonus tracks when I ordered the CD but decided it was a nice touch.  What I didn’t realise until the day it was actually released was the fact that another 4 tracks were also included.  Although it states that these 4 tracks have never before been issued on CD it is in fact 3 of them as ‘As Long As He Needs Me’ has been many times before.  When the album was released in America the title was altered to ‘Shirley Bassey sings the hit song from Oliver’ and ‘As Long As He Needs Me’ was included.  However 3 of the other tracks were alternate takes to the ones released on the UK album.  It’s these 3 tracks that are included on the CD as bonus tracks and have also been remastered.  They are ‘Imagination’, ‘All The Things You Are’ and ‘All Of Me’.  The quality of this CD is excellent and to have these 3 tracks released on CD is great.  There is also a 12 page booklet included.  The cost is around £7.50 and it is available from Amazon.

I really do hope ‘We Got Music‘ is a massive hit.  I love it and obviously will be buying it.  Would love it on a physical CD as well as a download.  Maybe the other record companies will sit up and listen and realise people are still very interested in Dame Shirley’s music.  We may get more releases and who knows maybe a new album of newly recorded material.  Now that really would be ‘Something’!!

4 thoughts on “Let’s Face The Music – Complete Edition”

  1. I can hardly believe this album was released in the year I was born! It’s even harder to believe her wonderful new song We Got Music will be released next month. Dame Shirley Bassey must be superhuman, there’s no other explanation for it.


  2. Thank you David for the information. The record companies today have no taste, and just want mostly the junk that is being churned out by these younger singers these days. Long live, and sing Dame Shirley Bassey.


  3. Alright Mr. David and Claudia, now you’ve got me started, It does seem very queer to the extreme that an artist of her stature has always been snubbed so much by the industry in recent years. Especially with all these big names from yestur-year still getting exposure. I’ve always felt there’s been some kind of conspiracy- but it hasn’t really worked to the full extent of silencing her, she’s still got music’. But still, it’s annoying how it plays out where she’s concerned. Here in the U.S. Queen Elizabeth 60th year celebration aired on the tele, Bassey was among the acts like Grace Jones who were cut out. This is Britain’s GREATEST female vocalist at such an event and on the heels of her own 60th anniversary in the business- and she gets cut. RADICULOUS! Wonderful she was allowed to sing at the Oscars last year, but when Pierce Morgan did the red carpet interview with her before the show, the camera was constantly floating and staying on some of everything eles. As Arsenio Hall used to say,” makes you go hmmmmmm?”. Those are just some recent irritants where The Dame’s publicity is concerned, not to mention over the years. But someone who doesn’t come within the shadows of her greatness, only been on the scene for a minute, and has nothing really to offer except something disgustingly revolting, are given a big build up and pushed into your face contantly- like Miley Cyrus among many others. Hey, we know the truth and fortunate we are to be among the elites here. LONG LIVE THE DAME!!


  4. You put it precisely Emmit. The New World Order system doesn’t promote music that touches the heart, only childish and sexual themes. Not real music. But Dame Shirley’s been rewarded by all those who love her near and far, and that’ all that really matters.


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