From the archive # 132 -1973-

1973 AI (blog)

Tiger Bay t-shirt

German concert poster from 1973 (photo by George Webb)
German concert poster from 1974 advertising also the Carnegie Hall Concert Album (photo by George Webb)

4 thoughts on “From the archive # 132 -1973-”

  1. Hi Pieter ,
    I am sorry but I must dispute the year of the poster from George Webb collection .I think this should be 1974 for several reasons primarily advertising the recording of a concert Shirley hadn’t performed yet …the Carnegie Hall concerts occurred on may 11 and 12 1973 and the recording wasn’t released until the December of 1973 .
    The poster has the date of March 25th and must be Hamburg which fits with the German tour of 1974 from March 18th till April 2nd .
    hope this helps for those who like there dates correct .
    best wishes and keep up the good work ,


    1. Hi Carl: Thanks for your info. I thought the poster was from 1973 because here we had the same poster in 1974 but with an announcement for the 1974 album ‘Nobody Does It Like Me’.
      I remember seeing Shirley Live for the first time in my life that year in Rotterdam at the age of 16. I lost my ticket at the venue but somebody found it and was honest enough to give it back to me.


  2. Hi Pieter thanks for the story of your concert in Rotterdam, Nobody Does it like me was released in August of 1974 I think, It was 1978 when I saw Shirley for the 1st time and it was life changing .


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